Preparation for Onsite Store Access?

Anastasia Peterson

Many of your schools will be visiting Pali's onsite store. Prices for the products in-store range from $1-$60. If you'd prefer not to send cash, you can purchase a store gift card here on our website - be sure to let your camper know that those funds are available in advance. To access the credit, they will only need to give us their name at the register (quick and easy!). Any unspent funds are refunded back to you.

Methods of payments accepted, credit card (no Amex), cash, check, gift card with a credit endorsement on the card, and Pali Online store credit purchases.

Kids only get to to use the store one time and it's not for very long! Might be helpful to look at our Tik Tok to see the items in advance that they might be interested in! We do a brief run through of our popular products! If you have any questions or suggestions, email store

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